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Natural aromatherapy products to support pregnancy, birth, postnatal and everyday well-being.

Take Five & relax mama!

Your journey starts here ……

We have you covered mama; from Reviving and energy boosting rollerballs to ease those early days of not so fun morning sickness and fatigue, through to our Calming Power aromatherapy candles and oils to compliment relaxation, hypnobirth practice and anchor your mind to a safe space when it needs it most.

Feel empowered with our Final Stage Clary Sage blend which supports labour and birth, then Recover & Rest with our healing blend during postpartum.

You’ll also find blends to bring positivity, nurture and easy breathing to your daily routine, and oils to soothe and anchor you into a deeper sleep as part of your evening ritual.

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A little about us ……

After the birth of my first baby girl I realised that, like many mums, I wasn’t finding time for self care anymore and I knew this needed to change.

During pregnancy and hypnobirth practice we always made time to prioritise relaxation: lighting a candle and practicing our breathing techniques, so I decided to create products that would support this precious journey and encourage other mums to take time for their wellbeing both in pregnancy, birth and beyond.

It was really important that all of our products smelt incredible but were also safe, kind and friendly for both expecting mums and their bumps.

I had enjoyed using essential oils for their therapeutic properties during pregnancy and wanted Take Five’s products to include them, so I researched and created aromatherapy blends using specially selected pure essential oils that are safe and gentle to use, all while alleviating symptoms during the four trimesters of your precious pregnancy journey.

So take five minutes when you can, light a candle or two and relax with us, you deserve it mama!

Our Products ……

Hand poured, vegan & sustainable products….

All of our products are hand poured and made in the UK using natural ingredients.

We’ve chosen to use a natural soy wax in our candles and wax melts, giving a non-toxic and pollutant-free clean burn.

We do not add any dyes, additives or synthetic fragrances to any of our products and only use all-natural pure aromatherapy essential oils, specially selected for their therapeutic properties.

We have ensured that all of our products are vegan friendly; from the wax and oils we use, to the tins and jars our candles are set in. We never test on animals. 

We try to use as little plastic as possible; our products are poured into recyclable glass jars and bottles and our wax melts come in glassine packaging which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Our ‘Glow & Grow’ candle features a plantable seeded dust cover which biodegrades too – growing into your very own plant to nurture in your empty glass candle jar.

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